My Version of Naptural85’s Confetti Hair Bun


This is a long overdue review and reflection on the glitter/confetti/ fun hair experiment that has been trending lately. But that’s okay… better late than never right :). Anyway, before the New Year of 2016 Naptural85Naptural85, in my opinion, uploaded a very creative and innovative hair style that she titled the “Confetti Hair Bun.” When I saw the video on YouTube I was immediately impressed with the creativity and idea of it. So of course in the true fashion of watching YouTube videos, I wanted to do it! SO I DID.

I was going to a friends house to bring in the New Year so why not bring it in with a bang. And indeed this hairstyle does just that. I got my confetti from Party City and I must say, confetti is more expensive than I thought or expected. But that is neither here nor there. I went with a variety pack big enough to guarantee that all of the 2 packs of Marley Hair extensions I purchased was going to be covered in confetti (going based off of the suggestion from Naptural’s video). I also got the same glue adhesive she used in the video and I wouldn’t recommend using something else. Any other glue adhesive will most likely diminish the drama of the hairstyle because once it dries it may look dull and leave a gray-ish cast (Trust me I learned the hard way- Don’t over spray).

There is no sugarcoating how messy and overwhelming this hairstyle is. Naptural explains how much fall out you should be prepared to get but actually having to deal with JUST HOW MUCH OF THE CONFETTI FALLS OFF, a warning it not enough. As you can see from my picture above and below, I didn’t put my hair in a bun as high as Naptural and if I were to do this again, I will definitely put my bun up higher on my head. I think it looks better that way personally. But I wasn’t mad at how mine came out. The last thing I have to say is that you MUST and I mean MUST wear this hairstyle with confidence. Confidence is also a part of this look. I know that may seem and sound cliche, however, this look is over the top so a normal attitude won’t cut it. I realized just how fabulous and dramatic this style is. I did my makeup to complement the look and a nice dress to appear more dressy but even then I felt I lacked a little bit of the confidence that I needed. Although the clean up was a complete headache, the realization that I was going to get a lot of stare’s and looks made me really think about how a hairstyle can push me out of my comfort zone. I knew that to some or most people would think it looked great and to others maybe too much or crazy, but the point was that I didn’t care and I was COMPLETELY OKAY WITH THAT :).

I hope this inspires you other dear devils and I hope this reviews helps. Leave a comment if you have questions. This is a link to my Instagram page where I modified the look, putting the confetti as a swooped bang across my forhead: Bun w/ Confeitti Swooped Bangs




Being a recent Undergraduate and Unemployed

My exact graduation date was May 9, 2015. It was the day I was looking forward to for four years and it was finally here. During the Spring semester of 2015 I was working on my Senior Comprehension project along with my final credits. However, what I wasn’t doing on a regular and consistent basis was applying to jobs. The ones that I did apply to I didn’t get (go figure) but I can’t help but feel like I was left in the dark about real life post- undergrad. I came home expecting the best out of job hunting. 6 months was my goal to make sure I landed a job. It is 8 months now and I am trying not to let it defeat me. I plan on journal-ing my experiences and feelings so far as I come to terms with the reality of landing a job with little to not enough experience (which I hear more than I’d like).

I have no clear plan or purpose for this journal other than to express my experience and feelings through writing. Individuals who are in a similar situation as I am:

  • English, Business, Communications, Journalism, etc., major
  • Still living with parents
  • Volunteering or unpaid internship for experience
  • Not interested in teaching
  • Contemplating working for mission/volunteering organizations like: Americorps, PeaceCorps, NCCC, etc.

…may you find some inspiration after reading this, & continue to stay positive.